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The Breakup Bible is Officially Launched

Today was my “Radio Tour”. For 9 straight hours I chatted with DJs and women all over our magnificent country on the universal topic of breakup and divorce. It’s great to meet new people and learn about their hardships and subsequent recoveries. Now that the book is selling and the web site is officially launched – please don’t be shy and do feel free to comment on the book or share your personal stories. I’m here to listen and so are others. That’s the benefit of an inclusive community – instantaneous support. Talking helps to process your feelings and sharing is so brave and cathartic. So please chime in.

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  1. Hi Rachel, I heard you on the radio in Boston yesterday. The book sounds great and I just ordered it on Amazon. I am currently in the process of divorcing my husband of 5 years. Can't wait to receive my copy!

  2. Hi Rachel, I am almost done with the book, can not put it down. I think the name is perfect as this is a great guide to any woman going through a break up or a divorce, step by step process to get through the pain and come out a more complete, healthier, wiser self. Well done!

  3. Rachel I'm reading the book and it is great. I really hear your voice. It's helping me a lot. I hope it gets in the hands of many deserving women. Good luck!

  4. I've been following your blogs on Huffington. Where is the book for men? I like your writing and think that men need resources too.

  5. I'm very excited to see that the book is finally out. Such a great resource. From my own experience, the hardest thing to learn is how to forgive yourself for being in an unhealthy relationship, or a failed relationship, even after working at it.

    • Thank you Miranda. Great comment and I have spent a lot of time this week in my private practice discussing the concept of forgiving oneself. A huge step. Good for you.

    • I've definitely been working on forgiveness all around. It's one of my New Year's resolutions!

  6. You are talking about forgiveness, I also think it is very important. It is crucial to understand that we all make mistakes in life, especially in relationships. This is how we hopefully learn. It is most important to really learn from one's experience. No such thing as a mistake in a relationship, all learning about life and more importantly, yorself.

  7. I just read the breakup bible and loved every minute of it. Extremely helpful. I can see reading this over and over again. Thanks for this great resource

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