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The Breakup Bible

We’ve all been there. Tearful, exhausted, confused. Whether you understand how and why your relationship ended, or feel blindsided by your ex’s sudden departure, it can be incredibly challenging to figure out what to do next. One million women will legally divorce in the United States every year and that doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of breakups between cohabiting partners, or the endings of millions of long-term relationships.  Psychotherapist and relationship expert Rachel Sussman drew on her own experience with painful breakups and healing, as well as the hundreds of counseling sessions and interviews she conducted with women at all stages of recovery and growth, to write The Breakup Bible: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Healing from a Breakup or Divorce (Three Rivers Press; On Sale: January 3, 2012; Trade Paperback Original; $15.00)

A comprehensive, supportive, woman-centered guide to moving on from a breakup, The Breakup Bible lays out Rachel’s proven three-phase process through Healing, Understanding, and Transformation to shape the book in a building-block style that lets the reader move through the process at her own pace. Not intended to be a quick fix, it is a powerful opportunity to get to know yourself better, and build a strong, healthy foundation for the rest of your life.

Whether it is a formula for deciding which friends you can trust for support, or charts laying out patterns of unhealthy communication between you and your ex, or navigating separations that involve children versus those that don’t, The Breakup Bible is filled with time-tested advice and techniques for dealing with the emotional upheaval following a breakup. More than that, you will be introduced to the groundbreaking exercise of creating a “Personal Love Map,” a blue print to decipher where, when and how early life events influenced and even predisposed a relationship path. Readers will dive into their past to map out their biological, cultural/social, and psychological histories to learn why they chose their particular ex as a partner, how events from their past influenced their relationship and mourning behavior, and what went wrong in the partnership. This blueprint for individual discovery will enable you to break free of old, destructive patterns of behavior and forge ahead to a brighter future and better relationships with everyone in your life.

Contributing to the uniqueness of The Breakup Bible is the cast of women across the country that Sussman interviewed who share their stories of heartache and recovery, and who provide a “community” that readers will find encouraging and insightful as they are led out of the depths of despair into the fulfilling and happy life that they never dreamed was possible.