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Step 1 of 10 - Biological Influences

  • Your Personal LoveMap

    From the moment you were born your “Personal LoveMap” was formed. This map contains data that is unique to you, and deciphering it helps you:

    • Interpret how important events from your past influenced your individual personality structure which leads to your relationship behavior
    • Comprehend how your self-confidence was formed
    • Understand why you picked your ex as your love object
    • Grasp what part you played in the relationship breakdown
    • Obtain better knowledge of your ex’s personality structure and relationship behavior
    • Understand how you handled your breakup and mourning process

    Working through the questionnaire below will help you begin the process of understanding how your earlier life circumstances impacted your personality development. After completing the questionnaire please press the submit button and a copy of it will be emailed to you. If you wish to further explore your Personal LoveMap, please contact Rachel Sussman for a consultation.