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Welcome to the community page of my web site. During my initial research for The Breakup Bible I uncovered an illuminating piece of information that helped me conceptualize my book.

I met with women who had been through difficult break ups or divorces and had survived their ordeals in impressive ways. Then I shared their stories with others in earlier stages of recovery. Upon hearing the recovered narratives, women reported feeling comforted, validated, and vindicated. What I identified was the power of shared experience. When a person who is facing challenges hears from someone who has gone through what they’re going through and comes out the other side, they feel understood and encouraged. Additionally I discovered that the healing went full circle – women healed by listening to stories, and women healed by telling their stories. This is what you are about to experience with my community page.

Please feel free to tell your stories about dating, relationships and breakups in the comments section below. Writing is so cathartic, plus you will be helping so many others by sharing your wisdom. When smart, savvy women get together and talk about meaningful topics – magic happens. I will be actively reading this page and commenting on your posts. I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get connected today and form a powerful virtual community.

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